Availability (updated 3/7/2021)

I am afraid that all of my therapy spaces are full at the moment. My next space to start therapy will be in August or September.

If you are able to wait to begin therapy until August or September and would like to consider joining my waiting list, please arrange an initial consultation. I have available consultation appointments in the next two weeks.

How to Arrange Your Consultation

Please check my fees before arranging your consultation. If you are happy with my fees, then click here to arrange your free 20-minute consultation.

During the initial consultation we will discuss your current difficulties and your hopes for therapy. I will then share my ideas about how I can help you, so that you can decide if I am the right therapist for you. I will also give you an idea of treatment length.

If you decide to book therapy sessions with me, we will spend the first two sessions forming a shared understanding of your difficulties. This will help us begin to understand how your difficulties started and developed and identify the possible maintaining factors that might be keeping you feeling stuck.  I will then use this psychological formulation to design your treatment plan. During these initial sessions I will also teach you some skills to manage your distress.