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Understanding Your Teenager's Amazing Brain

In-person Two-Session Course

Over the two sessions you will learn:
1. How developmental changes within the teenage brain influence behaviour.
2. Ways to help your teen develop helpful habits and thrive and flourish.
3. Psychological tools or strategies to regulate your emotions, communicate more effectively
and maintain your relationship during turbulent tim

Session 1: 7.30-9.30pm on Monday 30 January 2023
Session 2: 7.30-9.30pm on Monday 20 February 2023

Cafe Root, Sude Hill Mill, Penistone Road, New Mill,Huddersfield, HD9 7DU 

Early bird price for the course: £40 (Book before 20 January 2023)
Regular Price: £50

Places are limited, so early booking is advised.


Parenting teenagers is wonderful and fun and it is also hard and challenging at times. The brain goes through a huge period of development during the teenage years, creating new motivators for behaviours. During this period of development, teenagers need to develop the skills to work out how best to navigate their new emotional and social world; it's often an unsettling time for them. 

I am excited to talk to you about teenage brain development, so that you can understand your teen's behaviour better, as I know that this makes it easier to respond in a calm, compassionate and effective way.  I'll be hosting the course in the beautiful and soothing environment of Cafe Root. During the two-session course I will draw on current findings from neuroscience and research. This will give you new insights into your teen's behaviour, which will help you to respond with curiosity, kindness and compassion, whilst also holding appropriate boundaries. Responding with compassion will help your teen, and your relationship with your teen, to flourish.


There are many incredible and positive aspects to teenage development. It's a time when teens develop a sense of identity, work out their values, experiment and explore opportunities. Maintaining a strong relationship and a compassionate and effective communication style will help your teen to thrive.


During this course you will learn strategies that will help you to manage your intense emotions, so that you can stay calm and respond effectively when faced with challenging situations or behaviours. You will also learn helpful ways of communicating, that can begin to regulate your teen's emotions and enable you to work together to find a way forward when faced with a problem or experience conflict.


This is an interactive course, with  three weeks between the sessions, so that you test out ideas between the sessions, share experiences and learn together. This is not an easy stage of parenting for most people...including psychologists!  You will leave with practical tools that you can use to strengthen and maintain your relationship during turbulent times, rather than locking horns or pulling in different directions. 

Session 1:

  • Understanding the developmental changes that occur in the amazing teenage brain. 

  • Understanding teenagers' priorities and how they influence behaviour.

  • Three psychological strategies that you can use to regulate your emotions, stay calm and maintain your connection with your teen in challenging situations.

Session 2:

  • Feedback on your experiences of using the ideas and strategies from Session 1.

  • Problem-solving any difficulties you experienced applying the ideas and strategies.

  • Helping your teen thrive by encouraging healthy self care, positive habits and considered choices. 

  • Developing further skills to help you respond effectively during times of conflict.

  • Identifying your parenting values and using these to guide your responses.

  • Questions and answers.

About Me

Hello, I'm Dr Rachel Lee. I'm a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the NHS. I am also the mum of a Year 8 child, so I understand the types of situations that we, as parents, find difficult when our children enter adolescence. 


I was previously the clinical lead for an outpatient dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) service.  DBT is a treatment for people with high levels of emotional dysregulation and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. I will bring ideas and skills from DBT into this workshop. I will also draw on my clinical expertise of working with young people with strong or intense emotions to teach you the skills you need to regulate your emotions and speak to your teen in a way that helps to regulate their emotions. This will help you to respond in ways that will help your teen to feel understood and maintain your connection even when facing conflict and/ or high levels of emotion. 

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