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Some people are more sensitive to emotions than others. This can be due to a combination of biological factors and environmental factors. You body might naturally produce stronger emotional responses and if you didn't have an opportunity to learn helpful coping strategies, or if you were taught to suppress or avoid your emotions, then you might find that your emotional responses are often intense, feel overwhelming and get in the way of your goals and relationships. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a form a cognitive behavioural therapy that was developed for people who experience emotional dysregulation and difficulties in their interpersonal relationships. It  helps people develop skills across four areas; distress tolerance, emotional regulation, mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness.

Free DBT Skills Webinar
My colleague, Carmen Marchant, DBT Therapist, and I are offering a free DBT webinar on 7 November 2022 where we will introduce DBT, teach two DBT skills and provide information about the forthcoming Navigating Strong Emotions with DBT skills course (described below).
You can book a space via Eventbrite:

New 8-Week DBT Skills Course - Navigating Strong Emotions with DBT Skills
From Monday 28 November 2022, my colleague Carmen Marchant, DBT Therapist, and I will be offering an online skills group to help you learn the skills you need to regulate your strong emotions and improve your relationships. This will be a small group of up to 10 people and will be held online on a Monday evening from 6pm-7.15pm. There will be eight sessions plus a free individual follow-up session, three to five weeks after the course ends. All participants will receive a free DBT Skills handbook, detailing all the DBT skills (not just the ones we cover in the group). This is a large book of  over 400 pages and includes various worksheets that will help you apply your new skills.

There will be three weekly sessions and then we will take a break over the Christmas period (from 19 December 2022 to 9 January 2023) , as we know that this is a busy time. We are starting before Christmas because we know that a lot of people experience strong emotions or challenging interpersonal situations during the festive period. We will resume on 9 January 2023 for five more weekly sessions.


Each week we will teach and practice some new skills, which we will invite you to try out in between the sessions. We will start each session by finding out how the skills worked for you, so that we can trouble shoot any difficulties applying the skills to your situation.

This skills group will be ideal for you if you want to:

  • Understand your emotions and your emotional reactions better.

  • Learn the skills that will help you handle your strong emotions and challenging interpersonal situations in a different way.

  • Stop reacting to situations based on your emotions and start choosing effective responses based on the person you want to be and the things that matter to you.

  • Communicate with others in a way that helps you to have your needs met, establish boundaries and develop supportive and fulfilling relationships.

  • Handle conflicts more effectively.

  • Identify goals in different areas of your life and start to achieve them.

  • Meet other people with similar difficulties and share ideas and are happy to attend an online group and keep your camera on during the session.

  • Experiment with different strategies and receive some help to tailor the strategies to meet your needs.

This group is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a group where you can discuss and explore events from your past (this group has a here and now focus on skills development).

  • You have life-threatening behaviours and so need a more intensive treatment that also offers support in a crisis (we are not able to offer support outside of the group sessions).

  • You would not feel able to have your camera on during the group sessions (it is important that we can see everyone so that we can understand how you are responding to different elements of the group sessions and it helps everyone connect more easily).

  • You would struggle to try out the new skills and strategies between sessions and feedback on your experiences (you will only develop the skills if you are able to try them out or practice them between sessions, much like learning a new musical instrument, dance or language)


Group Programme

The group will cover the skills we think are most effective from the four different areas:

Mindfulness Skills

You will learn how to be less preoccupied by the past, unwanted thoughts, distressing memories or worries about the future. You will learn how to shift your awareness to the present, so that you can change unhelpful thinking patterns or behaviours and feel more in control of your emotional responses.

Distress Tolerance Skills

You will learn the skills to cope better with distressing events by learning how to tolerate intense emotions.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

You will learn skills that will enable you to be more assertive, say no and negotiate in challenging situations. These skills will help you improve your relationships.

Emotion Regulation Skills

You will learn how to recognise your emotions and develop skills to help you regulate your emotions and reduce your vulnerability to high levels of unwanted emotions.


1. Standard group programme: Eight weekly sessions, free DBT skills handbook (worth over £25) and free 30 minute individual follow-up session. 

Cost: £450. Early bird price £410, if booked before 14 November 2022. 

2. Enhanced group programme: Eight weekly sessions, free DBT skills handbook (worth over £25) and free 30 minute individual follow-up session, plus four 30-minute individual coaching sessions over the course of the group to help you apply the skills and overcome any obstacles.

Cost: £690. Early bird price £650, if booked before 14 November 2022. 

Payment: Pay £200 at the time of booking to reserve your place. This is a deposit to secure your place. Cancellations will be free before 21 November 2022. The remainder of the balance will be due by 8 January 2023.

There are ten available spaces. 

Click here to reserve your place.

Individual DBT-informed Therapy
 I also offer 1:1 sessions of DBT-informed therapy, where I can teach you some key DBT skills. You can book a free consultation, to discuss your needs and consider the best options for you.

Best wishes,

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