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For Dr Rachel Lee

Of the people completing Rachel's end of therapy survey:
100% would recommend her to a friend
When asked to rate how helpful therapy was, 100% found therapy "very" helpful.

I was really struggling with getting over a traumatic event which was affecting my life in many different ways. Socialising had become difficult, my sleep was suffering and constant intrusive thoughts were becoming exhausting. However after my series of EMDR sessions with Rachel I feel I have my life back, the intrusive thoughts have gone and I feel free from the trauma that had weighed me down for so long. Rachel is a great therapist, very calm and understanding and though wary at first I found the online sessions to be great and so much easier to fit in around work. If you're looking for a therapist I couldn't recommend Rachel highly enough.

Client completed therapy in September 2022.

I have had therapy in the past and have always struggled to communicate to a therapist, however Rachel was different and made this a lot easer for me. She seemed to remember the smallest of details that I shared with her, which I didn’t expect. I also found it helpful that we set small goals that I could try and achieve in my own time to ease any added pressure. I am very grateful to Rachel for all the help and support she has given me.

Client completed therapy in 2022.

“I could not have hoped for a more positive experience! Rachel was so kind and patient with me, and I will be forever grateful for her help. I was pleasantly surprised to make such quick and effective progress with something that I thought I would never be able to cope with. The process of EMDR was scary at first, but it was taken at a speed that was comfortable for me and I am so glad I found Rachel to guide me through it."
Client completed therapy in March 2023.
"Rachel took a supportive and collaborative approach to supporting me in my therapy, which has helped me to move forwards with my therapy goals and therefore improve my day to day life."
Client completed therapy in December 2022.
I am so grateful to Rachel for all the help she's given me, my life is transformed. I was listened to, my thoughts, feels and experiences were validated instead of being dismissed which is what I was used to. The approach we used was EMDR which I was sceptical of. I didn't think it would work, but with the guidance I received it worked so quickly.
Client completed therapy in November 2022.

Dr Rachel Lee is a fantastic therapist, helping me overcome a lot of OCD and past abuse issues. I have found contentment in my life for the first time, with the help of EMDR; it got rid of a lot of traumatic times in my life and negative baggage that I was carrying. It's like magic, I feel a lot lighter and very positive for the first time in years . I also had the support with my OCD and finally made a breakthrough with that as well. I am so thankful to have found Dr Rachel Lee , I’ve had other therapists before but I do think you need a qualified psychologist if you have issues like I had as not every therapist is qualified in that area .

EMDR & CBT client. Completed therapy in 2021.

I was looking for a therapist who understood my condition (Bipolar Disorder) and had training in CBT and DBT - someone who could work with me to build a toolbox for managing my moods. Rachel's extensive experience and many qualifications gave me the confidence that she was the right person to work with.
I had an idea of what outcomes I wanted and Rachel worked with me to put together a Staying Well Plan and worked with me on the techniques needed to cope with and plan for triggers. She listened to my needs and met and exceeded them.

CBT & DBT-informed Therapy. Completed therapy in 2022.

"I approached Dr Rachel Lee three years into a very difficult period in my life, after I had suffered trauma related to work place abuse and coercion, as a result of which I left my place of work of many years. I received support first from the NHS counselling service and then a private therapy over a period of around 18 months, but neither led to a significant improvement. EMDR was recommended to me by a friend who is a practitioner and who also recommended Dr Rachel Lee based on web research. I had around 16 sessions with Rachel. It changed my life. I feel that I have re-gained my previous life in terms of my confidence, energy, motivation and joy in day to day things. It's simply amazing. Rachel's approach is transparent, interactive and above all friendly and reassuring. There was a careful balance in the EMDR therapy between discussing background events and the procedure referred to as 'processing'. It is truly magical, in that there is an almost immediate change after the 'processing' sessions. It has been a unique and extraordinary experience, one that has impacted on my life in the most profound way, helping me to get it back on track after a long period of suffering and a feeling of deep despair during which I often doubted my will to continue my life. I feel now that I literally got my life back." 

Client completed therapy in February 2023

"Rachel was so helpful and I loved the way she explained things to me. For example, what happens to your body when you have a panic attack.Very helpful and lovely lady. She really helped me to overcome my anxiety and panic."
Client completed therapy in 2022.
"I approached Rachel having experienced a really difficult couple of years. I needed to unpick and reflect on so many aspects of my life that were making me feel unhappy. Rachel listened to me and skilfully questioned me to help me realise the things I could let go and the things I needed to actively address. Perhaps the biggest impact that Rachel had was in giving me strategies to be more assertive. I had a pattern of avoiding addressing people when they had upset me, probably linked to experiences in childhood. The upset would sit inside me and chew away and affected my physical and emotional health. Rachel gave me strategies to tackle such situations. It has been such a massive step forward for me and I don't think I would have ever moved forward without Rachel's skilled advice, compassion and encouragement. After 7 sessions I feel ready to move forward by myself but wouldn't hesitate to contact Rachel again if needed."
Client completed therapy in January 2023
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