Of the people completing my end of therapy survey:
100% would recommend me to a friend
100% found therapy "very" or "extremely" helpful.

I have had therapy in the past and have always struggled to communicate to a therapist, however Rachel was different and made this a lot easer for me. She seemed to remember the smallest of details that I shared with her, which I didn’t expect. I also found it helpful that we set small goals that I could try and achieve in my own time to ease any added pressure. I am very grateful to Rachel for all the help and support she has given me.

EMDR Client. Completed therapy in 2022.

Dr Rachel Lee is a fantastic therapist, helping me overcome a lot of OCD and past abuse issues. I have found contentment in my life for the first time, with the help of EMDR; it got rid of a lot of traumatic times in my life and negative baggage that I was carrying. It's like magic, I feel a lot lighter and very positive for the first time in years . I also had the support with my OCD and finally made a breakthrough with that as well. I am so thankful to have found Dr Rachel Lee , I’ve had other therapists before but I do think you need a qualified psychologist if you have issues like I had as not every therapist is qualified in that area .

EMDR and CBT Client. Completed therapy in 2021

I was looking for a therapist who understood my condition (Bipolar Disorder) and had training in CBT and DBT - someone who could work with me to build a toolbox for managing my moods. Rachel's extensive experience and many qualifications gave me the confidence that she was the right person to work with.
I had an idea of what outcomes I wanted and Rachel worked with me to put together a Staying Well Plan and worked with me on the techniques needed to cope with and plan for triggers. She listened to my needs and met and exceeded them.

CBT & DBT-informed Therapy. Completed therapy in 2022.

Rachel was so helpful and I loved the way she explained things to me. For example, what happens to your body when you have a panic attack.
Very helpful and lovely lady. She really helped me to overcome my anxiety and panic.

EMDR and CBT Client. Completed therapy in 2022.