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Lots of people experience traumatic events. Sometimes these are single events (like an accident or assault) and sometimes they are repeated events (e.g. bullying or abusive experiences). Unfortunately, if trauma symptoms develop they can start to take over your life. Often people stop doing the things they used to enjoy and begin to feel disconnected from loved ones. Flashbacks and nightmares can create an ongoing sense of threat, which is, of course, very distressing. 

Would you like to understand more about trauma and how to begin your recovery? I will explain what happens in the brain when we experience trauma and why trauma symptoms develop and persist. This will help you understand that what you are experiencing is a normal reaction to a highly distressing event. I will share helpful ideas and skills that you can use to start to feel calmer, do more of the things that matter to you, improve your relationships and reclaim your life.

This is a live, online Zoom workshop, which uses ideas and strategies from EMDR, CBT and ACT​. There is no requirement to participate in any discussions and we will not discuss anybody's trauma history. All discussions will focus on current symptoms and coping strategies. You will leave with a range of new strategies and I will provide a handout. 

I have run this popular workshop many times. Participants tell me that they find it particularly helpful to be with other people who are also experiencing trauma symptoms, both in terms of realising that they are not alone and because they have an opportunity to share helpful coping strategies.

I hope you will join me.

Dr Rachel Lee

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