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Using "Willing Hands" to Accept Uncomfortable Emotions

Our minds and bodies are connected, which means that we can use our bodies to help us regulate our emotions. One way to do this is to use the "willing hands" posture to help us accept uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. The willing hands posture also sends a signal to the brain that we are ok.

Think about a situation that has been troubling you and notice where you feel the tension in your body. Now, if seated, place your hands on your lap, upturned, with open palms, and relaxed, slightly curved fingers. Sit for a moment and notice what happens. If you are standing, then just drop your shoulders, relax your hands and turn out your palms.

I find this really helpful and often notice a shift as soon as I turn my palms into this position.

Willing hands can help you move from your emotional mind to your wise mind and this will help you make choices about what to do next.

Photo by Rui Silvestre on Unsplash. #mindfulness #dbt #dbtskills #mindful #emotionregulation #acceptance

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